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Website Launch

DeSantis Digital Works LLC working under contract with Community Champions Corporation developed and assisted with the launch of the Florida Communities Revitalization Fund website.

The Florida Communities Revitalization Fund LLC is managed by Champions Funding LLC, subsidiary of Community Champions Corporation.

The Champions Funding business model provides a win-win-win scenario that improves the quality of life in existing neighborhoods, stabilizes and enhances surrounding property values, and provides an investment opportunity for qualified investors over a specified time frame.

Champions Funding LLC and its parent Community Champions Corporation, has established business relationships with local governments, non-profit organizations, and individual investors to provide property registration, compliance, and funding for affordable housing projects in over 120 communities.

You can visit the website at Champions Funding.

Contract with Bansbach Easylift

During an eight-month effort, the DeSantis Digital team completed an overhaul of Bansbach’s marketing graphics, supplied the company with newly formatted customer flyers, and provided other graphic services in support of that company’s many charitable interests.

Bansbach Easylift president Robert Rose stated  “Dear Mr. DeSantis, I would like to thank you and DeSantis Digital Works LLC for taking over our marketing and publishing department.  In the past I was never happy with our multimedia and print programs.  We never had a truly professional program. Your commonsensical approach to marketing coupled with your creative and technical proficiency distinguished you from anyone else in the field. Since you have taken over this program our company has grown by 14.5% for a total increase of $2.9 million dollars. For the 1st time our marketing program belies our professional, cutting edge and technologically advanced company. Your artwork and product shots are used on every multimedia platform. The line card and brochure you created has been printed and mailed to over 50,000 customers. I am really looking forward to DeSantis Digital Works next marketing push.”

Bansbach Easylift of North America is an international, multi-million dollar-a-year company specializing in tier-one gas springs, dampers and similar motion-control products. Their products are purchased and used by companies such as Boeing,  BE Aerospace, John Deere, Liberty Aircraft, and the US Government.