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This month, Community Champions announced the merger of B&H Police Supply, B&H Guns Sales and B&H Gun Rack into its newly formed Intelleo family. Community Champions established the Intelleo brand to facilitate the delivery of intelligent solutions for law enforcement agencies.  DeSantis Digital Works was pleased to have been asked to design and develop the brand’s new logo and tagline seen here.

In the company’s press release, Managing Partner Tom Darnell stated

“B&H Police Supply now becomes the premier Police Supply Component for INTELLEO, a subsidiary of Community Champions, which also offers software, technology, products and services to small, medium and large law enforcement agencies and other related organizations.

B&H Gun Rack and B&H Gun Sales will remain as stand-alone companies, joining TIER 1 AMMO and Tactical Graphics in supporting and supplying communities in providing sport, hunting, and tactical products and services. They join commercial sibling Blackside Tactical in Melbourne, Fl., in providing similar products and services while specializing in built-to-specification tactical solutions. Our multi-dimensional tactical family now includes TIER 1 AMMO, the ammunitions manufacturing unit; Tactical Graphics, devoted to our customer’s Cerakote and hydro-dipping needs, as well as, our dealer price direct-to-the-consumer membership site.

In announcing the merger/acquisition, Darnell also welcomed aboard new executive Matthew Kennedy, who will serve as President of the INTELLEO Subsidiary.

“We are thrilled to have Matthew Kennedy join us as our new executive in charge of all operations associated with our tactical holdings,” said Darnell.

“Matthew brings energy, vision and strong industry relationships that will help leverage the assets and strengths of our newly combined business family.”