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Generating revenue for local service providers

If you are a local service provider you understand the daily struggle to get that phone to ring. If your current website is not generating leads and making you money its time to re-think your strategy. Contact us to find out how our lead generation website team can get your business in front of the customers searching for your service or product.

Ranking high in search engines like Google and Bing is a combination of science and art. Most of all, it is an understanding of the techniques that provide your web presence the greatest chance at reaching the top of a customer search. In the age of the mobile device, this is particularly important.

As a business owner, you should continually put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Ask yourself this important question: When you search for a product, service or place, how often do you venture beyond the first page of Google? See the point?

You may have gone the DIY route for your business website.  Newer companies and start-ups use this approach in an effort to minimize their initial outlays. You may have created a very nice looking site or paid ridiculous money to have one created for you. Answer this question... "is my site driving calls, bookings, and profit?" Remember, pretty does not always mean practical.

Questions you need to ask...

  1. Where do I rank in Google?
  2. Does my business immediately appear in the map pack on Google's first page?
  3. Did I or my website builder provide 200-300 local citations to aid my page ranking?
  4. Can I find my business by using search terms and not simply the business name?
  5. Backlink? What's a backlink?
  6. Is my site connected to the industry sites with high trust and citation flow?
  7. Did I optimize by page for search engine optimization (SEO)?
  8. Are the images on my page optimized and alt-text identified?
  9. Is my website even generating calls and leads?


If the answer to any of these was "huh," or "I have no idea," its time to talk to our team.


DeSantis Digital Works provides website content to many enterprise level clients. Our team is skilled at building lead generation websites, copy writing, graphical support, logos, and video support. We understand the nuances of the internet and the search engine environment. We succeed when your business succeeds.  Partner with us now and let us give your business the boost you are looking for. Contact us for a free evaluation or to consult with us about how we can increase your web presence and start generating additional revenue.

Our Latest Project

This web and lead-generation site was completed for Dripped Out Vapers in Palm Bay, Florida.  Completed and launched in April 2017, this new site replaced a one-page place-holder site originally developed when the business opened in 2016.

DeSantis Digital Works authored this site on the WordPress platform utlizing Beaver Builder themes and add-ons. The site pages have been optimized for SEO and readability. Likewise, care was taken to optimize all images and the placement of alt-text tags into them for SEO crawl.

In addition to the website build-out, DeSantis Digital Works also provided 200 local citations and is currently engaged in the build-out of external back links to and from other high-authority sites.  This site has steadily increased in Google page ranking within the first month, attaining page one ranking for certain key-word searches relevant to the industry and consumer search.

The site is integrated with both Instapage "landing pages" to facilitate their monthly products give-away contests as well as MailChimp for lead capture and email marketing.


Lead Generation Site Project - West Palm Beach

This web and lead-generation site was completed for Clean Space Pressure Washing in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Completed and launched in May 2017, this new site replaced a site originally developed when the business opened in 2017 on the Weebly website platform.

DeSantis Digital Works conducted a website "make-over" for this business. The original website contained little text and un-optimized images that were slowing page loads.  We used the existing Weebly platform to overhaul the page theme, add substantial (relevant) content, optimize, add, and alt-text the page images and enhances the contact and call-to-action functions.

The site pages have been optimized for SEO and readability.

In addition to the website build-out, DeSantis Digital Works also provided local citations. This is a perfect example of a typical (and functional) lead generation site.


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